Reuille ~ Dupont Updates



As the Years Go By ...


We are still working on starting a great year!. School’s good for Stacy, Jeff is challenging himself at work, Jordan’s team made DI (Destination Imagination) state, Savannah’s having an awesome reading year, and Sawyer is loving kindergarten.


We had a great 2010. We started the year with new neighbors who have become good friends. The kids finished ski season strong and the kids started spring soccer and Sawyer played T-ball. This summer we headed to Jamaica, Wisconsin, and the kids spent a week with G-Mom and Pops in Texas and 5 weeks with Gramma & Grandpa in WI. Jordan is in 4th grade, Savannah 2nd, and Sawyer is in Kindergarten. I’m still working as a therapist at Axis Health Care and Jeff’s still in recreation at Fort Lewis College. I also started a PhD program in Santa Barbara, CA. Coco is almost 3 and she’s chilled out quite a bit. Snow has just begun to fall as we get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas in the mountains.


So this year is moving fast!  We have been in Colorado for about 6-months and all is well.  We feel like we never left.  The kids have adapted great and we recently hosted our first birthday slumber party with 15 girls in Kindergarten and Second Grade. Sawyer is getting bigger and acting older - he isn’t a baby anymore. Coco turned a year and did some reverting to puppy behavior but now she’s 70lbs - so that’s a little crazy.  I’ll post our monthly updates on the blog - Or not...

Sept 2009 - I am not making monthly blog updates as you notices. But I have a bunch of pics to add!


The Clan is growing fast. Its been a crazy year for us. In December our business burnt down meaning our daily grind came to a screeching halt.  We took some time after the fire to decide what we wanted to do next.  Stacy is continuing to build which will become her primary job, writing, bloging, and online personal training.  I have two classes left in my master’s and should graduate in the next year - combining Counseling and Exercise in my career.  Jeff is moving onto to be the next Recreation Director of Fort Lewis College.  Jordan entered the 2nd grade this year and Savannah started Kindergarten!  Sawyer still loves his school and likes being with mom and dad on the days he gets to stay home.  Coco is a lab/weimeroner (sp?) mix which came to us via my sister, Colleen. Her dog is the dad and she has the twin sister, named Java.

Here’s our life in snapshots:

December was Holidays and the Fire

In March we went on a much needed vacation to Corpus & Decided to Remodel our House

In May Coco became our 4th child

In June we bought a cabin where we spent much of our time this summer & the Girls played soccer leagues

In July Melanie, Chad, Stacey, Geniveve, & Mackenzie came to visit

In August the Reuille family reunion and Jeff and I once again raced in Dragonboat and played great golf

September the girls started school and Jeff and I went back out to Colorado for a new house!

October we moved to Durango, CO

November Melanie and Chad along with Brent came up for Thanksgiving

December we are planning to head to Corpus for Christmas.


Be The Change You Wish To See In The World. ~ Gandhi

Welcome to our world.